I don't really make as much of her being a moth and a dragon as I could / should

@paunchberry this is the closest thing to a clasped hand I could muster on my phone's emoji keyboard. hope it's not too rough! πŸ’œ

updating instance so if everything blows up that's probably why

@paunchberry maybe it's just like the add-to-home-screen functionality on mobile where it becomes a dedicated shortcut is fine and all but I'm always a little mad that I'm too pot committed to move my instance to

I guess the only error was forgetting that the sram doesn't store the border w/ the image for space reasons, while serial out to printer has to include it for obvious reasons. so my dimensions were all off

lazily trying to port my old old php sram dumper to python by way of my python raw-serial-dump parser

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school for lesbians
(mostly tera's house of friends actually)