aw man I left my podcasts running while I slept for the first time in a while

coworker who served my lunch gave me the right amount of napkins for once, but also made my drink like 40% ice, so it's impossible to say if it's good or not

@paunchberry I mean, maybe you did get it? the azami ending was added in for the HD re-release and is kind of underwhelming and minor, sadly... looks like you got the cheevo for it?

@jess I figure if you're gonna fantasise, go all the way and TF into a functional dragon or something

I think I'm mostly worried I'll have to address my ludicrous premature thinning

walking past hairdressers repeatedly and looking in to see if they seem busy

oh hey there go my addons. I probably should've enabled the hotfix more proactively instead of waiting for it to nuke

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