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I debated mangling some lyric into rhyming verse for a Mission of Burma-Shave joke but I suspect it wouldn't play

ugh I think something happened to some of the ethernet cabling in the walls/under house so now my main pc is just Without Internet

it's ridiculously technically impressive and also just a nightmare to look at and play

I have no idea how to tag that but I feel the urge to share it

I know the probable upsetting answer is that every comparable hardcore platformer to gain notoriety since is somehow worse

like did we all just have way lower standards back in 2011 or whenever. why is it something that's still constantly brought up in the same sentence as actually very good game celeste

I should clean up the levels I haven't finished yet in Celeste but I also kind of want to try super meat boy again and see if it sucks as bad as I remember

thinking about how frog fractions 2 had a functional Mass Effect 2 save importer

me: in 2019 I'm going to finally properly learn how to drive
me, looking over driving instruction stuff: oh right I have anxiety

"windows defender has detected a threat" wait what??
"in 'payload532.html'" ah

lmao while moving my files from my old pc to the new one windows defender flagged the fucking. wii u webkit exploits I had lying around

I've generally kept my personal website pretty barebones, partly due to lack of competence, but I'm suddenly struck by the desire to make it an html5 monstrosity resembling a bad cracktro

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