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that "I ate too many tortilla chips to only have had 6 hours of sleep" gut feeling

all I had to do was restart it at least. glad I didn't have to leave it down when I go to work

guess nginx just decided to eat shit for no reason while I was asleep

y'all know the internet archive just has a straight up virtualbox image of win98se available on it

𝐃𝐨𝐠 controls your destiny. Seek out three items of his favor and then seek his shrine.

I love getting those "your email has been hacked!" spam messages with forged from: headers from your own address on addresses that I don't have configured to send email

the bit at the end of live renditions of lcd soundsystem - get innocuous! where murphy just starts going ham on the drums

"It's 2019. Did this movie fuck you up so bad you forgot what year it is?" 'I just wasn't sure if we got to it late.' "You thought /this movie/ was maybe in theatres for over a month." [shared laughter]

ordinarily I would be upset at how overcast it's been today but the cool change is so so welcome

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school for lesbians
(mostly tera's house of friends actually)